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Frequently asked questions: Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts

The promoter owes me money from a fight. Is there anything the state can do to help me?

You can file a complaint with our office if the promoter didn't fulfill their contract requirement to pay your purse.

What sports are regulated and required to be licensed in the state of Washington?

  • Professional boxing
  • Professional kickboxing participant
  • Professional martial arts
  • Professional wrestling
  • Amateur mixed martial arts

How long does it take to receive my license after submitting my application?

You should receive your license in 2–4 weeks.

How long is my license valid?

Licenses are valid for 1 year from date of issue.

Do I have to get a federal identification card?

If you're a professional boxer, you must get a federal identification card from your state of residence. You can get one from your state's boxing commission or agency. We issue Washington, Canadian, and out-of-country professional boxing federal identifications.

How do I promote an event?

Complete an application, pay the license fee, and submit a bond and medical insurance (as applicable). For more information, see Promoter.

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