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Frequently asked questions: Auctioneers and auction companies

Do I have to have an auctioneer license if I’m calling for bids on behalf of a charitable corporation, association, or political organization?

If you don't receive compensation for conducting the sale, you aren't required to be licensed as an auctioneer.

If I don't receive any wages, but they provide my lunch, is that considered compensation?


Do I have to have an auctioneer license to auction my own items?

If you personally own the goods and you didn't get them for the purpose of reselling them, you don't need an auctioneer license.

Can I auction vehicles?

A licensed auctioneer can call bids for cars and other motor vehicles. The paperwork for releasing the title to the vehicle must be completed by someone with a dealer's license.

Can I auction firearms?

See ATF Rul 96-2: Activities of Auctioneers Requiring a Dealer's License in the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide.

Can I auction real estate?

A licensed auctioneer can call bids for real estate. However, you or an associate must be licensed to perform the activities regulated under Washington Real Estate Licensing Law, including earnest money, contracts, and marketing.

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