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Auctioneer and auction company news

House Bill 1176 passes the 2019 state legislative session

During the 2019 session the state legislature voted to pass House Bill 1176. The bill provides consistency and efficiency in the regulation of:

  • auctioneers and auction companies
  • engineering and land surveying
  • real estate
  • funeral directors
  • cosmetology

The bill went into effect on July 28, 2019.

How does this bill affect my license as an auction company?

Auction companies will need to register with the Secretary of State before they can apply for, or renew, their license. Companies registered as sole proprietors or general partnerships are exempt from this rule.

How does this bill affect my license as an auctioneer?

This bill doesn't affect auctioneers.

Learn more about House Bill 1176.

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