Roles and responsibilities: Land surveyors

General areas of responsibility

A practicing land surveyor provides:

  • Property description evaluation and interpretation.
  • Property line and corner locations.
  • Horizontal and vertical control.
  • Topographic data.
  • Construction layout of projects where property boundaries, easements, or rights-of-way control the location and layout.

Subjects typically addressed by land surveyors

  • The establishment, reestablishment, and recovery of land boundaries
  • Writing, evaluation, and interpretation of legal descriptions, monuments, and corners
  • The subdivision of land into lots, parcels, or tracts
  • The establishment and measurement of a condominium
  • Horizontal and vertical measurement, analysis, and adjustment
  • Topographic measurement, mapping, and analysis
  • Geodetic surveys, aquatic land surveys, and hydrographic surveys
  • Research of written, physical, and parole evidence related to the interpretation of land descriptions and boundary locations.

Note: These examples are general guidelines, and shouldn't be considered all inclusive.



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