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Disciplinary actions: Real estate brokers and managing brokers

For details about many of these disciplinary actions, please see Search business and professional licenses.

August 2019

Holly Loeza - Federal Way

  • Findings: Unprofessional conduct - Engaged in the business of buying, selling, listing, leasing, soliciting, or advertising for sale manufactured homes in Washington without having a dealer's license. Misleading consumers.
  • Actions:
    • Real Estate Broker License revoked for 10 years.
    • Fined $5,000 due within 1 year.

Frank DeCaro - Spokane

  • Findings:
    • Unprofessional conduct - Failure to pay money associated with rental properties. Default Judgment entered against and failed to notify the Department.
    • Failure to return a security deposit to renters for property he managed.
  • Actions:
    • Real Estate License revoked for 7 years.
    • Fined $5,000, not imposed unless re-applies for a Real Estate License.
    • Must not be involved with property management for a period of 5 years from date of being re-licensed.

July 2019

Cory Escott - Vancouver

  • Findings: Unprofessional conduct - Convicted of 1 count of Criminal Trespass in 1st degree and 1 count of Theft in 3rd degree.
  • Action: Revoked Real Estate License for 10 years.

Tracie Dalke - Kirkland

  • Findings: Unprofessional conduct - Previous criminal history.
  • Actions:
    • Heightened supervision until 2023.
    • No MLS access or unsupervised access to homes while on heightened supervision.

June 2019

James T. Rodgers - Seattle

  • Findings: Unprofessional conduct - Civil judgment from 2017.
  • Actions:
    • Can't apply for Managing Broker license until 2024.
    • Heightened supervision until 2024.
    • No controlling interest in any real estate firm.
    • Must not have signatory authority or control over a real estate firm's trust accounts until 2024.
    • Must provide a copy of the Agreed Order with Department of Licensing to all designated brokers he works under. Each designated broker must provide notice to the Department within 10 days of hire that they have read the Agreed Order, and to ensure compliance with restrictions.

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