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OSPI certification

Who needs a certification?

School districts and approved private schools that offer Traffic Safety Education (TSE).

What is certification?

Certification is a joint process between Public School Districts, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and Department of Licensing (DOL).

Public school districts or approved private schools that offer TSE must apply annually to OSPI for program approval (WAC 392-153-014). DOL certifies OSPI-approved programs, RCW 28A.220 requires school districts or approved private schools that offer driver training education to certify that they are:

  • Operating a traffic safety education program
  • Employing only qualified driver training education instructors
  • Teaching the Washington State Driver Training Required Curriculum
  • Meeting Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction course delivery standards
  • Retaining accurate records

Beginning with the 2019/2020 school year, School Districts must provide a signed attestation that their program meets the requirements of HB 1481.

How to certify

What you'll need

  • A SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account to apply online.

Request OSPI program approval of a TSE program:

After you submit your application to OSPI

  • OSPI will review the district program data, and if your program meets their requirements (Chapters 28.A.220 RCW and 392-153 WAC), OSPI will send you an approval letter.
  • OSPI will review the OSPI/DOL School District Registration form. OSPI will approve your instructors and sign the review.
  • OSPI will return the completed application to your school district for you to enter it in to the DOL professional licensing system.
Apply online

When we receive your online application or renewal:

  • After our review, we will notify the School District /or Private School of certification approval and provide directions on how to access LX for Business.
  • Your schools, instructors and staff must be associated in LX for Business in order to become active.

School District / Private School Traffic Safety Education program changes

Once your program is certified for the school year, you must inform us of any changes to your program OSPI Program Changes form:

  • Add or remove an instructor
  • Make changes to the School District TSE Coordinator, Superintendent, or Main Contact
  • Make changes to contact phone or email address
  • Close a Traffic Safety Education program

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