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Firearms Online

What is Firearms Online?

Firearms Online allows firearm dealers to enter and submit pistol transfer application forms to us in real time. Using it:

  • Reduces errors and incomplete submissions.
  • Reduces printing and mailing costs.
  • Reduces workload backlogs.
  • Provides more accurate statistical data.

Sign up for Firearms Online

Visit Secure Access Washington (SAW) to request access to Firearms Online. Firearm dealers and their employees must both register. We can’t provide access until we receive permission from the person you've designated as your "security contact." If you have personnel changes, you should notify us to change the SAW account.

How it works

You can enter and save pistol transfer applications on our secure website. You can hold applications in pending status while law enforcement runs the background checks. When the background check is approved or denied, you may update the record and submit the pistol transfer.

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