Firearms Online

What is Firearms Online?

Firearms Online allows firearm dealers to submit the required pistol transfer application form and information to us electronically.

Why use Firearms Online?

  • It will allow you to submit pistol transfers to us electronically.
  • It can reduce errors and incomplete submissions.
  • It can reduce printing and mailing costs.
  • It can reduce workload backlogs.
  • It can provide you with more accurate statistical data.

How it works

Depending on the capabilities of your computer system and what your IT personnel recommend, you select one of these submission methods:

  • Website: You or your staff may enter, save, and hold transfers using a secure website.
    • You may to place transfers in a "pending" status while background checks are being conducted.
    • After the background check is completed, you may submit it to us.
  • C2C (computer-to-computer): Your system communicates with us via a data link, without having to use a website.
  • SFTP (secure file transfer protocol): Your computer prepares XML data files and sends them directly to us via file transfer, without using a website.


  • Website users must use Secure Access Washington (SAW) to request access to Firearms Online. Firearm dealers and employees who submit transfers must first complete a one-time SAW registration. We'll ensure access isn't provided to anyone until we receive permission from the person you've designated as your "security contact." If there are changes to personnel, you'll need to notify us to change the SAW account.
  • C2C and SFTP file transfers use with security measures and encryption.
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