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Updates: Firearms

Things to know

Changes to the Pistol Transfer Application

On May 4, 2016, we changed the Pistol Transfer Application (PTA) form. Some fields have been revised, changed location on the form, or removed completely. These changes make it easier to complete the form.

The form changes provide:

  • clearer instructions,
  • drop down menus,
  • and ensure the information reported to DOL is consistent with what's required by law.

If you have any questions about this change or any record keeping questions, contact us at:

Firearms Online

This allows firearm dealers to submit all required forms and information to us electronically. For more information, see Firearms Online.

Important notice to firearms dealers

We continually solicit firearms dealers' assistance to ensure the Application to Transfer Pistol forms are completed thoroughly, accurately, and legibly so they can be entered accurately into the Firearms Database. It is equally important for the firearms dealer to forward the completed forms to the appropriate law enforcement agency and our Firearms Section within the time specified by law.

In an effort to ensure all licensees have the information they need to properly complete and submit the forms required to meet state and federal standards, we will be reviewing training opportunities for dealers and will continue to provide technical assistance through clarification of procedures. We continue to look for efficiencies and process improvements in the Firearms Program.

We welcome your comments on how we may effectively deliver services to you and meet your business needs.

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