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How to get your license: Prearrangement Funeral Registration


Only a funeral establishment licensed pursuant to RCW 18.39 may enter into prearrangement funeral service contracts.

  • Prearrangement funeral registration is required if you sell funeral prearrangement contracts funded with trusts, or guaranteed prearrangement contracts funded with insurance.
  • Funeral establishments must register for a prearrangement funeral license.
  • Funeral establishments must comply with all provisions in RCW 18.39 and WAC 308-49.

How to apply

Submit an application:


By mail

  • Submit all of the following:
    • A signed prearrangement funeral registration application.
    • A copy of the prearrangement funeral contract form(s).
    • A copy of the trust agreement and the depository agreement if prearrangement contracts are funded with a trust.
    • An explanation of how the establishment plans to offer, market and service prearrangement contracts.
    • Balance sheet and profit and loss statements for most fiscal year, certified by a licensed public accountant, or a copy of the establishment's most recent federal income tax return, verified by a licensed public accountant.
    • Check or money order for the application fee payable to the Department of Licensing).

Expiration dates

All prearrangement funeral licenses expire 90 days after the end of the establishment's fiscal year. You must renew your certificate annually.

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