Instructor recertification

WA Motorcycle Safety Program (WMSP) recertification is required within 30 days of the expiration of current certification. To recertify, instructors must submit an Instructor Recertification Form to WMSP. This form may be used by 2-wheel, 3-wheel, and mentor instructors.

The instructor must cooperatively work with their contractor(s) to validate all the following recertification criteria:

  • Your contact information is current with contractor(s) you work for, curricula providers who’s curricula you are certified in (i.e – MSF, ESC), and WMSP.
  • Your current certification as an instructor in a WMSP certified curricula (i.e. – MSF, ESC). For example, verify:
    • That you’ve taught the minimum amount of classes for the year. See RCW 46.81A.020 for details.
    • You've attended at least 2 different WMSP updates per 2 year certification cycle.
    • Your First Aid certificate is current and filed with your contractor(s).
    • Your driving record is good.

To request recertification, instructors will:

  • Complete curricula recertification processes (i.e. the MSF/ESC recertification survey).
  • Review and complete verification of all applicable criteria on the Instructor Recertification and Credential Validation form.
  • Sign, date and send form to contractor(s).

Note: Instructors who work for multiple contractors can send one form to their primary contractor. It’s not required but it’s recommended to send a copy to each.

Contractors will:

  • Confirm and validate all information and records listed upon the Instructor Recertification and Credential Validation form.
  • Sign, date and forward to WMSP.

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