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Consumer news: Real estate

Short sale advisory

Need to sell your home, but owe more than the home is worth? See the Short Sale Seller Advisory for:

  • Information about short sales.
  • Tips for avoiding scams and fraud.
  • Other options to consider.

Advice for buyers and sellers

If you need real estate brokerage services involving property in Washington:

  • Choose a firm with an active real estate license in Washington.
    Firms licensed and regulated in Washington are subject to the jurisdiction of Washington courts. You can look up a business or professional license to see if a firm has an active license.
  • Determine what brokerage services you need, and confirm the firm you choose provides those services.
    You have many price and service options. Knowing there are differences in services and fees allows you to make informed choices about the services you need and the amount you're willing to pay for those services.
  • Make sure you get a pamphlet explaining the Law of Real Estate Agency before signing.
    This pamphlet describes the duties of agents, and that brokers may represent the buyer, the seller, both, or neither.

For more information, see the Consumer Advisory for Buyers and Sellers.

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