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School approval: Real estate educators

Who needs a school approval?

You must get approval before operating a school as the administrative body responsible for:

  • Submitting real estate courses to us for approval.
  • Delivering those courses under approved conditions.
  • Maintaining all pertinent records.

A school must be approved before offering courses for clock hour credit. Upon approval, we'll send a certificate of school approval to the school.

How to apply for a new school

To apply for approval of a new school, submit all of the following:

  1. A completed Real Estate School Application with the administrator's signature.
  2. A copy of the publication for students described in WAC 308-124H-907: Required publication.
  3. The course description described in WAC 308-124H-910: Course description.
  4. The résumé for the school administrator, with qualifications, including past and present real estate activities.
  5. A check for the fee for a 2-year period (payable to the Department of Licensing).

How to renew your school approval

If there are no changes in course content or in the original course approval application for a previously approved course, submit all of the following to renew for another 2-year period:

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