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Approval authorities for scrap metal businesses: Grays Harbor County

Approval by local authorities required

Before you apply for a scrap metal business license, your completed Scrap Metal License Addendum must be approved by local authorities. If your business will be in:

  • A city or town, it must be approved by that city or town.
  • An unincorporated area of the county, it must be approved by that county.

If no approving authority is listed for your city or county, contact your local city hall or county courthouse to ask about scrap metal business approval.

Who to contact

To find your approval authority, choose the first letter of the city or county where your business will be located:

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  • Robert H. Torgerson, Police Chief
    • Phone: 360.538.4411
  • John Green, Captain
    • Phone: 360.538.4412
  • Dave Timmons, Deputy Police Chief
    • Phone: 360.538.4420



Joe Chrystal, Director of Community Development/Building Official/Fire Marshal


Grays Harbor County

Curt Crites, Planner



Brian Shay, City Administrator



Mike Wincewicz, Community Development Director

  • Phone: 360.589.1139

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