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Vehicle reporting requirements

File online

Filing online through License eXpress is the fastest and most accurate way to submit your reports. See our License eXpress for Vehicle Businesses E-services User Guide for information.

Insurance Agents/Brokers/Companies

You will need to:

  • Report within 15 days of settling a total loss claim on a vehicle.

Registered Tow Truck Operators

You will need to:

  • Report any abandoned vehicle still in your possession after 120 hours of impound
  • File affidavit of sale within 14 days of sale of the vehicle
  • Report the surplus funds from the sale of an abandoned vehicle within 30 days of the sale
  • Title a no-bid vehicle within 45 days after auction, if not sold to a vehicle wrecker, hulk hauler, or salvage processor.

Vehicle Wreckers/Salvage Processors

You will need to:

  • By the 10th of the month, file a report of all the vehicles acquired the previous month.

Want to report by mail?

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