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How to get your license: Wrecker branch

The applicant/licensee must comply with all applicable laws and rules, even if not covered below.

Who needs a license?

Each additional wrecker business location that is located in the same county as the main location. You must submit a separate application for each branch site.

Before you apply

  1. Complete a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist.
  2. Complete sections A and C of the Vehicle Transport/Disposal Branch Site Addendum.
  3. Take the SEPA Checklist document and the Vehicle Transport/Disposal Branch Site Addendum form to your local zoning authority and have them complete and sign their portion of section D of the form.
  4. Contact the Washington State Patrol (or the local Chief of Police if you are located in a city with more than 5,000 people) for an inspection of your business site before submitting your application. The inspecting official must sign their portion of section D of the form.

How to apply

Apply online with the Department of Revenue

Note: We issue this license, but it's processed by the Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service (BLS). BLS prints it on the business license they provide. They refer to licenses issued by us as endorsements to the business license.

What you'll need

  • Supporting documents shown below, ready for upload
  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit/debit card (transaction fee charged) or bank account information for E-check to pay:
    • Applicable BLS fees (application and trade name)

Want to apply by mail?

  1. Complete or obtain the following:
  2. Mail the completed forms and supporting documents with a check/money order payable to the Department of Revenue for the BLS fees and the motor vehicle salvage processor license and plate fees to:
    State of Washington
    Business Licensing Service
    PO Box 9034
    Olympia, WA 98507-9034

After you receive your license

  • You’ll need a contract with us to search vehicle registration information.
  • On the 10th of each month, you must report to us all the vehicles acquired in the previous month.

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