Closing your business: Vehicle and vessel dealers


If you decide to close your business, you must:

  1. Surrender your license and your dealer plates to us.
  2. Close your business account with the Department of Revenue, Business Licensing Service.

How to surrender your license and dealer plates

To surrender your license and plates to us:

  1. Write the following statement on the back of your license:
    "I voluntarily surrender my license as of [current date]."
    (If your license isn't available, you may write this statement on a piece of paper.)
  2. Sign the statement and submit it with your dealer plates:
    • By mail to:
      Dealers Division
      Department of Licensing
      PO Box 9039
      Olympia, WA 98507-9039
    • or
    • By phone. Call 360.664.6466 to let us know you'd like to voluntarily surrender your license and plates, and our staff will make arrangements to have them picked up.

Questions? Need help?

Call us: 360.664.6466 (option 7)

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