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How to get your license: Vehicle and vessel dealers

Motor vehicle dealer

License to buy or sell new or used cars, trucks, or motor homes at retail or wholesale, and auctioneers selling titled vehicles.

Vehicle sub-agency

License for additional motor vehicle dealer business locations.

Manufactured home/travel trailer dealer

License to sell any type of new or used non-motorized mobile homes, manufactured homes, park trailers, tent trailers, or travel trailers at retail or wholesale.

Manufactured home/travel trailer sub-agency

License for additional manufactured home/travel trailer business locations.

Off-road vehicle dealer

License to sell any motorized vehicles other than snowmobiles for use on trails or cross-country.

Snowmobile dealer

License to sell motorized snowmobiles for recreational use on non-highway roads or cross-country.

Vessel dealer

License to sell motorized watercraft, sail boats, or any type of boat 16 feet or longer.

Miscellaneous vehicle dealer

License to sell motorcycles, electric vehicles, and other miscellaneous vehicles.

Miscellaneous vehicle sub-agency

License for additional miscellaneous vehicle dealer business locations.

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