Employer registration and certification: CDL

Drivers are no longer required to get a Skills Test Results form from a Driver Licensing Office. The process for skills test scheduling and training certificate submission has changed as of April 30, 2018.

How to register as an employer

You must register with us before you can certify your employee has the skills and training necessary to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely.

Employers aren't required to submit a course outline or curriculum for approval. This requirement only applies to private or public schools who offer CDL training.

The driver is required to take the CDL knowledge and skills test. The employer certificate only waives them from attending a CDL school and meeting minimum training requirements.

To qualify as an employer, the person or organization:

  • Must hire at least 1 person to regularly drive a commercial vehicle during their normal course of business
  • and
  • Can't have the primary purpose of their business be training commercial vehicle operators.

To register as an employer:

  1. Complete the Commercial Driver Employer Registration. Be sure to:
    • Type the information. We can't accept handwritten or incomplete registrations.
    • Out of state businesses that do not have a Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number must indicate their Tax Identification Number (TIN) on the registration.
    • Include electronic signatures of all individuals authorized to sign an employer certificate.
    • The authorized representative signing the form must include date and place.
    • Forms submitted without electronic signatures, date and place won't be accepted.
  2. Click submit.
  3. We'll let you know if you've been approved or denied within 7-10 business days.
  4. If you're approved, your employer ID number will be emailed to the email address on the registration form.

To revise your registration information

Any time an employer needs to make changes to an existing registration:

  • Submit a new Commercial Driver Employer Registration marked revised.
  • Make sure you include your employer ID number at the top of the form.
  • Fill in only the information that is changing, except:
    • If adding or deleting an authorized signer, signers that aren't listed on the revised form will be removed as a signer.

How to certify your employees

After you've received your employer ID number, you may certify your commercial drivers who have the skills and training necessary to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

If your training certificate doesn't match what we have on file from your registration information the certificate will be denied.

The skills test will not be authorized if the training certificate is not approved. If testing with DOL payment will also be required prior to scheduling the skills test.

To issue a training certificate for an employee:

  1. Complete a Commercial Driver Training Employer Certification, or if you're training was provided by an ESD 112 school district/contractor or a transit organization and a TPE request form also needs submitted with the training certificate, complete the Commercial Driver TPE Request and Training Employer Certification. Be sure to:
    • Type the information. We can't accept handwritten or incomplete certificates.
    • Forms submitted without electronic signatures, date and place won't be accepted.
  2. Click submit, send, and wait for certificate approval.
  3. Schedule your skills test.
    • If you're approved to test with:
      • A DOL Examiner you will need to call us at 360.902.3785 to make payment and scheduling the test.
      • If approved to test with a TPE contact the TPE to schedule and make payment arrangements to them.
    • If you have multiple drivers that are going to need a skills test. You can complete and submit the CDL School/Employer Student Skills Testing Schedule instead of calling and verbally indicating all the required information. After completing the form and clicking submit. We will review and reply by email if your employees will test with a DOL or Third Party Examiner (TPE).
      • Your TPE may also prefer to have a copy of this form to schedule your employees for a skills test.

If you've lost your CDL for 1 year or more and want to get it again, a training certificate is required. We won't accept an outdated employer training certificate from a previous CDL issuance regardless if you're working for the same employer. You must get a new certificate signed.

What is a UBI number?

Your Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number is a 9 digit number linking your business to the:

Your UBI number should be noted on all correspondence and information you submit regarding your business.

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