How to certify students: CDL training schools

Drivers are no longer required to get a Skills Test Results form from a Driver Licensing Office. The process for skills test scheduling and training certificate submission has changed as of April 30, 2018.

When you get your school ID number, you can begin to train and certify students who successfully complete your CDL approved training course. The training certificate must be approved before student takes the skills test. If it isn't, the skills test won't be valid and student must test again.

How to certify your students

  1. Complete the Commercial Driver Training School Certification. Type the information. We won't approve a training certificate that is incomplete or doesn't match what we have on record. If a school needs to update their information, i.e. address, phone, or signers etc. please submit the update to
  2. Click submit and wait for certificate approval.
  3. You may want to keep a copy of the signed certificate for your records.

How to schedule students for a skills test

  • Call 360.902.3785 to receive confirmation of who you'll skills test with, a DOL Examiner or Third Party Examiner (TPE).
    • If you need approval for multiple students, complete the CDL School/Employer Student Skills Testing Schedule and submit.
      • Once we've approved your students for a skills test, the skills test can be scheduled:
      • If testing with a DOL Examiner call us at 360.902.3785 to schedule and pay for the skills test. If you completed the CDL School/Employer Student Skills Testing Schedule form let us know so we can refer to it.
      • If approved to test with a TPE contact the TPE to schedule and make payment arrangements to them. If you completed the CDL School/Employer Student Skills Testing Schedule form for us the TPE may like a copy of it help assist with scheduling.

If you haven't held a CDL for 1 year or more and you want to reinstate the CDL, testing and training will be required. If you were previously issued a CDL with a school training certificate dated after January 2009, we may have it on file. We can use the school training certificate on file for the CDL training requirement for the reinstatement.

Required monthly report

Due by the 10th of each month, approved CDL training schools must submit the CDL Monthly Report Students Trained and Certified with the names of all students certified for the previous month. Complete the form and click submit.

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