Driver reports

Each monthly report below provides a summary of the migration of licensed drivers in and out of Washington State for that month, including:

  • The number of drivers from other states and countries who were issued new Washington driver licenses.
  • The number of drivers from Washington who surrendered their Washington driver licenses and received new driver licenses in other states or countries.

Note: The calculation of net migration is not recommended due to incomplete or delayed reporting of surrendered license data by other states or countries.

Washington State Driver Reports

2014 monthly driver reports and supporting data
Report Data
September 2014 report September 2014 data
August 2014 report August 2014 data
July 2014 report July 2014 data
June 2014 report June 2014 data
May 2014 report May 2014 data
April 2014 report April 2014 data
March 2014 report March 2014 data
February 2014 report February 2014 data
January 2014 report January 2014 data
2013 monthly driver reports and supporting data
Report Data
December 2013 report December 2013 data
November 2013 report November 2013 data
October 2013 report October 2013 data
September 2013 report September 2013 data
August 2013 report August 2013 data
July 2013 report July 2013 data
June 2013 report June 2013 data
May 2013 report May 2013 data
April 2013 report April 2013 data
March 2013 report March 2013 data
February 2013 report February 2013 data
January 2013 report January 2013 data
2012 monthly driver reports and supporting data
Report Data
December 2012 report December 2012 data
November 2012 report November 2012 data
October 2012 report October 2012 data
September 2012 report September 2012 data
August 2012 report August 2012 data
July 2012 report July 2012 data

Yearly migration data

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