How to get your license: Driver training instructor

Who needs a license?

Anyone who provides driver training instruction for a fee.

How to apply

  1. Complete Driver Training School Instructor License Application.
  2. Get fingerprinted at a police department or any fingerprinting service approved by WA State Patrol.
    • Bring your driver license or other form of photo ID.
    • Pay the fingerprinting service fee.
    • Don’t bend the fingerprint card. We’ll reject any bent or folded cards.
    • Be sure your fingerprint card is filled out completely (We can’t accept incomplete cards) Provide your:
      1. Identifying information: Name, any aliases, birth date, citizenship, residence address and other identifying information.
      2. Employer and address: Name and address of the driving school where you’ll work.
      3. Reason fingerprinted: Enter these words exactly "Driver Training School Instructor RCW 46.82.325".
      4. Social Security Number: This is mandatory.
      5. ORI: Enter "WA920390Z".
  3. Include your fingerprint card with the following:
    • Proof of instructor training:
      • 100 hours training log, or
      • Certificate of Course Completion from approved secondary school.
    • Copy of your high school diploma/GED or college transcript.
    • Application and FBI background check fees (non-refundable) – Check/money order payable to Department of Licensing.
  4. Mail documents and fees to:
    Driver Training Schools
    PO Box 3097
    Seattle, WA 98124-3907
    Incomplete applications will not be processed.

After we’ve received your application…

We’ll send your fingerprint card to the WA State Patrol for state and national background checks. This can take up to 12 weeks. For questions, call 360.664.6692.

Allow at least 3 weeks for your application to be processed.

We’ll send you a letter that authorizes you take your instructor examinations.

Take the knowledge test

After we notify your employer that you qualify to take the knowledge test, review the following to prepare for the test:

Post your license

After you’ve meet all requirements and pass the test, we’ll mail your license to you. It must be posted at your place of business before you can instruct any students.

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