Knowledge test: CDL

You must pass the knowledge test:

You may take the knowledge test at any CDL/CLP office location that offers testing.

How to prepare

  • Study the Commercial driver guide to prepare for the test. All the information you’ll need to pass the test is in this guide.
  • You may also take the practice test for a sample of the types of questions that will be on the test.

How long are test scores valid?

For 1 year from the date of the test.

Can I get additional endorsements after I get my CDL?

Yes. You can get special endorsements or remove the air brake restrictions by taking additional knowledge and driving tests and paying fees.

Do I have to take the tests to reinstate a CDL or endorsement?

Yes. You’ll need to pay fees, and may be required to retake knowledge and driving tests depending on the circumstances surrounding the surrender of the CDL or endorsement.

Are there penalties for trying to get a CDL fraudulently?

Yes. Your driver license may be cancelled and you may be required to wait for up to 1 year before you can reapply for a CDL.

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