Financial responsibility (SR-22)

What is financial responsibility?

It’s proof you have a way to pay for any damages you may cause while driving.

Who needs to file proof of financial responsibility?

Anyone who has:

  • Been convicted of, or forfeited bail for, certain offenses.
  • Failed to pay judgments.
  • Driven or owned a vehicle involved in an accident.

What is acceptable proof of financial responsibility?

You can provide us with any of the following:

  • SR-22 certificate of automobile insurance. This is the most common method of filing proof of financial responsibility.
    • Most automobile insurance agents can help you with this.
    • You or your insurance company can fax this proof to 360.570.7040. Please allow 7–10 business days for processing.
  • Certificate of deposit issued by the Washington State Treasurer, showing you’ve deposited $60,000 in cash or securities.
  • Liability bond for at least $60,000.
    • You can get this bond from any surety or bonding company authorized to do business in Washington.

How long do I have to provide proof of financial responsibility?

In most cases the proof will be needed for 3 years from the date you’re eligible to reinstate your license. See Learn how to reinstate your license to find out how long you need to have proof of financial responsibility.

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