With License eXpress you can…

Use your computer, smartphone or tablet to renew…

Your vehicle, boat or trailer — Driver license or ID card.

Stay up-to-date with a personalized 'To do' list.

See when your tabs are due or when your driver license expires.

There’s nothing to download — just Join now!

It’s more than just renewals

  • Need to find an office? Use the GPS office locater on your smartphone to find an office near you.
  • Want to save time? License eXpress (LX) pre-fills your personal information when you renew or use other services within LX.
  • Just sold your car? File a report of sale on your phone with the buyer right there to give you the information you need.
  • Need to write down your plate number on a form? Look up your license plate or VIN without having to go outside.
  • Did you just move? See your addresses and update them when you need to.

More features we offer in LX…

  • Purchase your drive record.
  • Email and/or print your receipts.
  • Replace your driver license or ID card, if you’ve lost or misplaced it.
  • Signup, update or remove your email reminders that we send you for your vehicle or boat renewals.

It’s safe and secure!

We understand how important it is to protect your information. License eXpress, like all our other online services, is safe and secure.

What people are saying...

I just renewed my license in under 5 minutes (including address change) from my couch!
- Sam
Thank you for the ability to set up an account in which all our vehicle and driver license information can be easily accessed in one place. Since we conduct almost all our business online, this is perfect for us. It was very easy to set up. We are looking forward to trying our first vehicle renewal using our License Express account. Great Idea!
- Marianne and Dave
I signed up and added my car to see what it was like and it is really easy. I'm impressed!
- Amanda

Are you getting your first WA license?

Use our online pre-apply service to start the process. Fill out some basic information, then come into an office to complete the process.

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