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Graphic: A cartoon bear and raccoon stand to either side of a calendar highlighting May 2023. The image on the top half of the calendar says ID2023 Washington. The text ID laws for air travel are changing in 2023 is above the calendar.

News alert

You may need different ID to fly starting May 3, 2023


Vehicles & boats



Enhanced driver license/ID fees going up October 1, 2022

Tweets by @WA_DOL
WA's general #election is Nov. 8, 2022. β˜‘οΈ Register to #vote or update your voter information during a transaction at any driver licensing office by Oct. 31, 2022. After that, registrations/updates for the upcoming election must be done in person at your county elections office. https://t.co/EGaPDoGT1M
Don't let the weather fool you. #Snowmobile and snow bike season is around the corner! ❄️ Renew your decals and registration online at https://t.co/XdnpY0U4kJ or visit a vehicle/vessel licensing office. https://t.co/ZtT0fBBurI
.@TSA is seeing high demand for threat assessments to get a hazmat endorsement. Due to processing delays, commercial driver license holders can request a 180-day extension if the endorsement expires between July 1, 2022 and Dec. 27, 2022. πŸ”Ž Learn more: πŸ‘‡https://t.co/atGWJqYggh
Obey speed limits. They are there for your safety. Unless otherwise posted, limits are: β€’ 20 mph in school zones β€’ 25 mph on streets of cities and towns β€’ 50 mph on county roads β€’ 60 mph on state highways β€’ Parts of interstate highways may have a higher max #RulesOfTheRoad https://t.co/KHCWKMnCah
In 45% of fatal crashes, the driver was engaged in at least one of the following risky behaviors: β€’ Speeding β€’ Impairment β€’ Not wearing a seat belt There are no excuses for any of these. https://t.co/9pvwGmNz3z
Thank you for serving! Visit https://t.co/XdnpY0U4kJ to learn how to: β€’ Register a vehicle while stationed in WA β€’ Get plates while stationed outside the state β€’ Get temporary permits β€’ Get specialty #military plates β€’ Add a #veteran designation to your license/ID β€’ More! https://t.co/ARDGByF7c2

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