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We have upgraded our services with a new combined system. This system is used by:

  • Dealer associations,
  • Tow truck operators,
  • Insurance companies,
  • Wrecker/salvage processors,
  • Customers who used our former IVIPS system,
  • Courts, law enforcement, and correctional facilities,
  • Interlock device vendors,
  • Motorcycle training schools,
  • Driver training schools,
  • Commercial training schools, and
  • Business customers requesting driver records.

How to register

  1. Set up a License eXpress account if you don't already have one.
  2. Login to your License eXpress account and provide some extra information about yourself.
  3. Request access to the business task(s) that you need.

Step–by–step instructions for registration are included in our user guides:

For Administrators

Your managers and employees (staff members) must register for their own License eXpress for business account. As the Administrator, you will generate access codes from your account and provide them to your staff members. Access codes expire after 24 hours.

There are 3 access levels:

  • Administrator
    • Access only given by us
    • Has the ability to generate access codes for managers/employees. Access code must be used within 24 hours.
    • Can remove manager/employee accounts
    • Can change manager access to employee access, and vice versa
    • Has account level access to designated business task functions
  • Manager
    • Access only given by the Administrator
    • Has all the same privileges as the Administrator, but can't change the Administrator account
  • Employee
    • Only has account level access to designated business task functions

For Managers/Employees

You must register for your own License eXpress for business account. Your administrator or manager will provide you with an access code to a specific account type (E-permitting, Insurance, Driver Training School, etc.).

When you receive your access code, follow the steps in the License eXpress for Vehicle Businesses E-Services Account User Guide or the License eXpress for Driver Businesses E-Services Account User Guide.

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