Members: Real Estate Appraiser Commission

The members of the Commission have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Meet at the call of the director or upon its own initiative at the call of its chair or a majority of its members.
  • Adopt a mission statement and to serve as a liaison between appraisal practitioners, the public, and the Department.
  • Study and recommend changes to RCW 18.140 and WAC 308-125 to the Director or to the legislature.
Commission members
Member Role Term expires
Jeffrey D. Lembeck, Certified General Chair December 1, 2019
Brent Palmer, Certified General Vice Chair May 31, 2024
Arvel M. Hale, Certified General Commissioner July 1, 2020
Dean Potter, Certified General Commissioner December 22, 2020
Mary Howells, Certified Residential Commissioner December 22, 2020
Michael Munson, Certified General Commissioner December 31, 2020
Vacant Commissioner  

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