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Fees: Combative sports

License fees
Type of license Fee
Amateur mixed martial arts sanctioning organization $500
Amateur mixed martial arts training facility $500
Announcer $65
Chiropractor $65
Inspector $65
Judge $65
License print fee $5
Manager $65
Martial arts participant (Amateur/Professional) $25
Matchmaker $65
Physician No charge
Professional boxing participant $25
Professional kickboxing participant $25
Professional martial arts participant $25
Professional wrestling participant $25
Promoter: License (Professional boxing/Professional kickboxing/Professional martial arts/Amateur mixed martial arts) $500
Promoter: License (Professional wrestling) $200
Promoter: Event fee 6% of gross admission receipts paid
$1 per ticket sold
(Minimum fee: $25)
Referee $65
Second $25
Theatrical Wrestling School $500
Timekeeper $65

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