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Frequently asked questions: Bail bonds

Where can I find the most up to date forms?

Please discard old application and forms, see Forms for updated versions. Contact us if you have questions.

Office of the Insurance Commissioner Contact info:

Office of the Insurance Commissioner Contact info, for information and insurance applications:

Do I need to take a test to qualify for a bail bond agent license?

We require an exam for bail bond agencies (qualified agents) that don't have 3 years of experience.

Can I accept payment from electronic benefit (EBT) cards for bail bond services?

No, you can't accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards, or cash obtained from an ATM through the use of EBT cards, in payment for any bail bond service you provide. If your business has ATM or point-of-sale machines located on the premises, please take the necessary steps to disable those machines from accepting EBT cards. We must suspend your license if you don't comply with this law. We can reinstate your license once your business disables these ATM and point-of-sale machines.

Is there a new badge for bail bond recovery agents?
Yes, we've approved this badge design for the bail bond recovery agent. You aren't required to carry a badge while working as a bail bond recovery agent. However, if you're going to carry a badge, the design must be approved by the Department of Licensing.

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