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Criminal conviction screening

If you have a criminal conviction, you can ask us to decide if you can get certain professional licenses. The review will not approve the license. It determines whether the type of conviction relates to the license.

This service is optional. We’ll review your application before you take any required classes or exams or paying licensing fees. Also, it does not cover every profession. See the full list of covered professions below.

How to get screened


  1. Log in or sign up.
  2. Select “Add a new service” and choose “DOL Professional and Business Licensing.”
  3. Once you add the service, choose the “Access Now” button.
  4. Complete the screening application and submit any documents.
  5. Upon completion, we'll confirm receipt via email. We'll also give you a unique screening number for future reference.

By mail

  1. Submit a completed Criminal Conviction Screening form. You can include supporting documents if you wish.
  2. We’ll review the form and any documents to determine if you would be eligible to apply for a license. We may ask you for more information or documents so they can make an accurate decision.
  3. We’ll give you a decision in writing within 60 days after receiving your request.

What you’ll need

You’ll need information for every criminal conviction that occurred within the last 5 years. Don’t include traffic convictions. Include details about:

  • What led to the offense.
  • Where it occurred.
  • The date of conviction.
  • Sentencing information (jail or prison time, fines, etc.).

Provide as much information as you can recall and any supporting documents. You can contact the county or district clerk where the conviction(s) occurred to get information.

License eligibility

The conviction review can help you decide whether to apply for a new license. When you apply, you may not be eligible for a license due to:

  • A change in your circumstances,
  • The discovery of new information about your conviction(s),
  • or
  • A change in the law or related policies.

You can appeal the decision.

Note: We verify licensing requirements during the licensing process.

Does my profession qualify for this new professional licensing service?

This service is available only to professions we license or certify. Professions managed by a board or commission we support are also included. These professions are:

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