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How to get your license: Driver training school

Who needs a license?

Anyone who has a business that provides driving instruction for a fee.

How to apply

What you'll need for the main school location:

Apply online

Apply online

What you'll need for a branch location:

  • File a Business License Application.
  • Gather your documents:
    • Copy of lease for school premises.
    • Main Schools must provide an update to their insurance certificate(s) to include the new location. Please visit your main school dashboard in our online professional licensing system and submit the updated insurance by submitting a Financial Guarantee Account Maintenance Request (AMR).
    • If this is an ownership change be prepared to provide a copy of the purchase or sales agreement.
    • Driver Training School Supplemental Declaration for Online Application complete with signatures of all school owners.
    • Be prepared to pay your application fee.

After we've received your application:

  • You'll be contacted by an auditor to schedule an inspection of your school and vehicles.
  • Allow at least 4 weeks for processing.
  • We'll notify you when we approve your license and it’s ready to be linked to instructors and staff in LX for Business.
  • Once you have established your association to a school in LX for Business your printable license will become available on your dashboard within 24 hours.

Post your license

  • Log in to print copies of your license. The printable copy will become available once you have associated with an instructor in LX for Business.
  • Post your license at your place of business before you start instructing students.
  • You may also request a copy of your license be mailed to you. This request requires a $5 fee that you may pay in our online licensing system.

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