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What's new: Firearms

February 2020

We released a Request for Proposal (RFP) on January 23, 2020 for a new Firearms system. We plan to select a vendor by April. We have completed behind the scenes requirements and business rules. When we sign the contract, our vendor can hit the ground running with our requirements.

Legislative session started in January and runs until March 12, 2020. We are watching some bills related to firearms and will post an update here if any of them pass.

Reminder: Firearm dealers must collect the SAR fee with sales and transfers. This fee must match and balance when you submit paperwork to us.

November 2019

Thank you, Volunteers!

Thanks to those of you from law enforcement and dealers who offered to test for us. We're building a system to replace Firearms Online. Our goal is to replace the current system with something more robust, versatile, and reliable. Your feedback has been crucial to make a system that meets your needs, as our business partners.

Eligibility to possess firearms requirement

Initiative 1639 (approved by voters in 2018) created a new requirement for us (RCW 9.41.139). We must develop a process for doing routine checks on who's eligible to possess firearms by July 2020.

We have formed a team to address this, including:

  • DOL Firearm staff
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
  • Office of Administrative Courts
  • Health Care Authority

June 2019

Why are we requiring transfer applications for semiautomatic assault rifles (SAR)?

Washington voters approved Initiative 1639 in 2018. I-1639 requires firearms dealers to report any transfer of a SAR and collect a fee from customers. Department of Licensing holds records on firearms for law enforcement.

What is changing starting July 1, 2019?

We have a new firearm transfer application for:

  • Semiautomatic assault rifle transfers
  • Pistol transfers

The dealer and the buyer must each fill in parts of the form. Dealers can fill in their portion once and reuse an electronic copy with multiple customers. Read our tutorial or review our video (YouTube.com) for help getting started.

Upon transfer of a semiautomatic rifle, dealers must submit the transfer form and a fee to us. The amount of the fee will be finalized after the adoption of rules.

Semiautomatic assault rifle transfers require a paper form, along with the associated fee. Mail completed forms to the PO Box listed on the form. Be sure to select the PO Box for the type of transfer you are reporting.

What about other requirements of I-1639?

Visit the Attorney General's list of frequently asked questions.

Questions? Need help?

Email us: firearms@dol.wa.gov

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