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Post-assignment training study guide: Security guards

The following topic areas are used for post-assignment training. Training topics may also include the subjects listed under WAC 308-18-300.

Basic role of private security guards

  • Security awareness
  • Private security guards and the criminal justice system
  • Information sharing
  • Crime and loss prevention

Legal aspects of private security

  • Evidence and evidence handling
  • Use of force
  • Court testimony
  • Incident scene preservation
  • Equal employment opportunity (EEO) and diversity
  • State and local laws

Security officer conduct

  • Ethics
  • Honesty
  • Professional image

Observation and incident reporting

  • Observation techniques
  • Note taking
  • Report writing

Principles of communication

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Building relationships with law enforcement
  • Customer services and public relations
  • Workplace violence

Principles of access control

  • Enter and exit control procedures
  • Electronic security systems

Principles of safeguarding information

  • Proprietary and confidential

Emergency response procedures

  • Critical incident response (e.g., natural disasters. accidents, human caused events)
  • Evacuation processes

Life safety awareness

  • Safety hazards in the workplace/surroundings
  • Emergency equipment placement
  • Fire prevention skills
  • Hazardous materials
  • Occupational safety and health requirements (e.g., OSHA related training, bloodborne pathogens, etc.)

Job assignment and post orders

  • Assignments and tasks
  • Patrol
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