Renew your CDL

Get a new Commercial Driver License (CDL) if yours is lost or needs to be renewed.


You must renew at a driver license office if you:

  • Are upgrading to a higher class, adding and/or removing endorsements or restrictions
  • Are renewing with hazardous material endorsement (HME)
  • Have a non-domicile CDL or need to provide Lawful Permanent Residency or U.S. Citizenship documents
  • Need a self-certification change due to a change in your medical status or changing from intra- to interstate operation
  • Need to surrender your CDL

Make an appointment at a driver license office.

Renew your Hazardous Material Endorsement

Your hazardous material endorsement (HME) must be done at a driver license office. Before you renew, you must:

  • Pass a knowledge test. Training must be on record before taking the test.
  • Have a current Transportation Security Administration (TSA) HME clearance on record
  • Complete an HME background check.

If you are renewing or adding at renewal a hazmat material endorsement, start your Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hazmat background check at least 45 days prior to license renewal. License expiration will be set to expire when hazmat clearance expires.

Don't wait to renew!

You can renew up to:

  • 1 year before your license expires (usually on your birthday)
  • 60 days after it's expired (you could potentially be ticketed by law enforcement). There's an extra $10 fee to renew.

If your license expired more than 8 years ago, you can't renew. You’ll need to start over. See steps to getting your first license, proof of identity, and CDL-approved documents.

What if I'm out of the state?

If your commercial driver license (CDL) gets lost or stolen while you're out of the state, you can't get a new one by mail. Instead, you can surrender your CDL and renew or replace your regular driver license.

To renew or replace your driver license without a CDL:

You have up to 1 year after surrender to reinstate your CDL without providing proof of training or taking required tests with the exception of the hazmat knowledge test- this test is still required anytime you add, transfer, or renew your license. When you return to Washington, make an appointment at a driver licensing office to reinstate your CDL.

CDL Fees

CDL More information Total
CDL knowledge test See Knowledge test: CDL $35
Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) When you apply for a permit.
See Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)
Also called Commercial driver license Learner's Permit (CLP)
CDL skills test See Skills test: CDL. Your test fee gets you 2 attempts. If you change examiners after your first attempt, you may have to pay the fee again. $250
CDL skills test for school bus endorsement See CDL testing. Your test fee gets you 2 attempts. If you change examiners after your first attempt, you may have to pay the fee again. $100
Reduced CDL skills test (Head Start only) See Skills test: CDL $225
Add CDL endorsement to a WA driver license $20 license fee + $17 per yr for the time remaining on your license = $37 – $156
Add CDL special endorsement to a WA driver license See: $20
Transfer out-of-state CDL to a WA CDL $102 CDL fee + $54 license fee + $35 application =
See Transfer your CDL
(Fees may vary depending on your license expire day)
CDL re-qualification See Commercial Driver License (CDL) disqualifications $35
Convenience fee You will incur this fee if you pay with a card. $5.25

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