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Significant Decisions

What is a significant decision?

A Significant Decision is a final adjudicative order or portion of an order that has been selected by the Director of the Department of Licensing (DOL) for its substantial importance to DOL in carrying out its duties. It is of precedential value.

Who can nominate a significant decision?

Any person may nominate a final adjudicative order as a Significant Decision. To nominate, mail the Significant Decision Nomination Form, and attach a copy of the final adjudicative order to:

Department of Licensing
Hearings and Interviews Unit
PO Box 9031
Olympia, WA 98507-9031

The Director makes the decision about whether to select the nominated order as a Significant Decision, and bases the decision on criteria in WAC 308-104-350 (2).

How do I use an existing significant decision?

A Significant Decision has precedential value; it may be used as authority by Hearings Examiners in making final adjudicative orders.

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