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Continuing offenses (moving violations)

What happens if I receive too many traffic tickets?

We’ll suspend your license for 60 days if you get:

  • 6 moving violations in a 12-month period, or
  • 7 moving violations in a 24-month period.

There is a 1-year probation period to begin when the suspension ends.

During probation, we’ll suspend your license for 30 days for each additional moving violation you get.

Note: Remember to keep your address current so we can notify you of any changes to your driving status. Within 10 days of moving, please:

How do I get my license back?

To get your license back when the suspension is over:

  1. Provide us with a proof of financial responsibility (SR-22) insurance certificate.
  2. Apply for a new license.
    • You must pay a $75 reissue fee in addition to your other licensing fees.

Get step-by-step instructions

There may be other issues you'll need to take care of to get your license back. To find out what you need to do, see Learn how to reinstate your license.

Can I get a restricted license while I have a suspended license?

While your driver license is suspended, you may be eligible for an Occupational/Restricted License (ORL). With an ORL, you can drive to work or other necessary appointments until the suspension is over.

Can I contest or appeal the suspension?

You may appeal the suspension within 15 days from the date on your notification letter. The letter we sent to you includes a form for you to appeal the suspension.

What will be considered during my appeal?

  • If you got 6 moving violations in a 12-month period.
  • If you got 7 moving violations in a 24-month period.
  • If you got additional moving violations while on probation.

For more information about appealing or contesting your suspension, please see Hearings.

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