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Unresolved Traffic Citations (UTC)

(Formerly known as failure to appear in court or pay tickets (FTA))

Why was my license suspended?

We suspended your license because the court notified us that you failed to resolve a traffic citation for one or more moving violations.

How long will I have a suspended license?

Your license will remain suspended until you have resolved the citation with the court. The court will notify us that you resolved your traffic citation(s).

Can I get a restricted license while I have a suspended license?

You may be eligible for an Occupational/Restricted License (ORL). With an ORL, you can drive to work or other necessary appointments until the suspension is over.

Can I contest or appeal the suspension?

You may request a review within 15 days from the date on your suspension letter. The letter we sent to you includes a form for you to request an administrative review.

How can I get my license back?

  1. Contact the court to resolve your citation.
  2. The court will notify us that they have cleared your unresolved traffic citation.
  3. We'll update your driving record to release the suspension.
  4. If nothing else on your record prevents it, apply for a new license. You must pay a:
    • $75 reissue fee plus your licensing fees if the original charge wasn't drug or alcohol related, or
    • $170 reissue fee plus your licensing fees if the original charge was drug or alcohol related.

Get step-by-step instructions

You must have a License Express account for this step. Please log in or join to get a list of what you need to do to get your driving privileges back. While logged in, select the "View reinstatement requirements" link. This will open a customized list. Once you've resolved all items, you can take the next step to get your card. You can:

If it has been more than 6 years since you had a valid license, follow the steps to getting your first license.

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