New law raises plate fees starting July 1, 2022

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Medal of Honor license plate

Medal of Honor plates

COVID-19 closures are affecting the production of our license plates, tabs, and decals. This is causing significant delays in our ability to issue them to you.

You may want to consider waiting to apply for a personalized or specialty plate.

If you have a temporary permit expiring soon, you can visit a vehicle licensing office to get a new one.

We don't have a timeline for when production delays will return to normal. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


  1. Find out if you qualify.
  2. Plate options.
  3. Submit your proof and application.
  4. Update your Good-to-Go! account, if needed.
  5. Renew your plates.

1. Find out if you qualify

If you're a WA state vehicle owner and received the Medal of Honor:

  • You'll need to submit proof from Department of Veterans Affairs that you received the Medal of Honor.
  • You can get plates for up to 3 vehicles.
  • These plates are exempt from licensing fees.

2. Plate options

These plates are flat. They don't have raised characters

Contact a vehicle licensing office to find out the total cost to get these plates. If you want your Medal of Honor plates:

  • To get the next available number, continue to step 3. Submit your proof and application.
  • Medal of Honor plates can't be personalized.
  • You may choose to have a standard mountain background, if you don't want the Medal of Honor background.

3. Submit your proof and application

Mail your proof along with the Military License Plate Application:

  • A letter of eligibility from Department of Veterans Affairs verifying that you've received the Medal of Honor.
  • Payment of any applicable fees.

4. Update your Good To Go! account, if needed

If you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass, be sure to update the contact information on your account with the Department of Transportation:

5. Renew your plates

You're not required to renew your Medal of Honor plates or tabs.


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