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Driver and ID data requests

Things to know:

  • Not all requests will be processed: We're updating our computer systems. During the update, we're limited in our ability to setup new recurring data customers. We need to consider all requests for data on a case–by–case basis. We'll let you know if we can't approve your request and when you should apply again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Contracts – A contract is required for requesting personal information.
  • Audits – You may be subject to data security and compliance (permissible use) audits. You are responsible for audit costs.
  • Fees – Applies to all requests and will vary by type.

The federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (house.gov) and Washington State laws govern who can receive driver or ID data and for what purposes.

Service details:

  • Files are provided electronically using Secure File Transfer (SFT) process. We do not provide CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • Can be on regularly scheduled basis. We will strive to provide the data on the timing you request, however, cannot guarantee when the file will be delivered.
  • The file layout varies, based on customer needs.


  • You are required to have a contract if you are requesting personal information or want the data on a recurring basis.
  • Review the Contract Terms and Conditions before submitting the Data Records Contract Application form to ensure you meet the requirements of the contract before you apply.
  • If you receive personal information, you will be required to undergo data security and compliance (permissible use) audits. Compliance audits ensure our data is only used as allowed under the contract.
  • You are responsible to pay for all audit costs.
  • If you're requesting a one–time data file that does not include personal information, you will not need to sign a contract.


  • One–time data:
    • You're required to pay for the actual costs of creating and providing the data file at the rate of $48 per hour. This fee reimburses us for the cost of providing the data to you. An estimate can be provided.
  • Recurring data transmissions:
    • A one–time set up fee of $2,607.68 must be paid in advance.
    • There is a $254.30 monthly fee

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