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Business-to-government filing and searches: UCC

Business-to-government filing uses XML to accept one or more pre-entered electronic financing statements or search requests via the Internet.

Note: If your system is programmed to print the data to a form, you must change the program so it outputs the data in the nationally defined XML format for UCC records. You can then either manually log on to the secure UCC website and post the filings, or your computer can automatically post the request to the UCC system and get an electronic confirmation without manual intervention. The acknowledgment will be returned in XML format.

When to choose this option

If you have a computer system that currently stores the data necessary to perform a UCC filing, you may use electronic batch filing to:

  • Reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Reduce or eliminate postage costs.
  • Reduce or eliminate having to write checks.


  • No duplicate data entry.
  • Immediate filing. Since your electronic filing or search is processed when you submit it, wait time is eliminated and your filing position is assigned immediately.
  • Automated payments. Fees are calculated automatically.
  • No postage.
  • No rejects. Records that don't meet the minimum filing requirements are refused.


  • Upfront investment. Some costs are associated with setting up your computer system to output files in the format required.
  • Requires a contract. You must have a Reimbursable Services contract with us before using this option.

Payment options

You must pay by electronic funds transfer when using this option.

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