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Paper filing and search fees: UCC

Type of filing or search Fee
Financing Statement
(Requested on a UCC-1 form. The fee covers the first 2 pages, including the Addendum or Additional Party page if attached.)
Financing Statement Amendment
(Requested on a UCC-3 form. You may put multiple amendment actions on a single form for one fee. The fee covers the first 2 pages, additional pages cost $1 per page.)
Correction Statement
(Requested on a UCC-5 form.)
Third and subsequent pages attached to the Financing Statement and the Financing Statement Amendment $1 per single-sided page
Request for Information
(Requested on a UCC-11 form.)
$10 per debtor name
Request for Information with copies
(Requested on a UCC-11 form.)
$15 per debtor name
Hold-to-reflect a search requested on a UCC-1 $10 per debtor name

Payment options

Check or money order

Please make your check or money order payable to "Department of Licensing" for the total amount due, and send it with your paper forms to:

Department of Licensing
PO Box 9660
Olympia, WA 98507-9660

Electronic funds transfer

You can set up an electronic funds transfer agreement with the Washington UCC filing office and have your payments automatically deducted from you bank checking or savings account. No deposit is required and there are no extra fees for using it. To apply:

  1. Complete an ACH Payment Plan (Direct Debit) Authorization Agreement.
    • Be sure to include a contact name, address, phone, and email address.
    • Under "Purpose of ACH," check only the "UCC" box. This form will be used to set up an agreement only for UCC payments.
  2. Fax the completed form to 360.570.7052, or mail it to:
    Department of Licensing
    PO Box 9660
    Olympia, WA 98507-9660
  3. We'll mail login information to the contact person within 30 days.

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