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How to hold theatrical wrestling school events

  • A licensed theatrical wrestling school may hold events for training purposes either at the school or a limited number of events off the school premises.
  • The school may charge an event admission fee for either type of event without a promoter license.

Event requirements

  • A school representative and an ambulance, paramedical unit, or emergency medical technician licensed under RCW 67.08.330 and WAC 36-13-110 must be present at the event location at all times during the event.
  • The school must maintain a list of the names of all participants who performed in each event for at least 3 years. This list must be provided at our request.
  • At the event, the school is responsible for ensuring:
    • The health and safety of participants
    • Laws and rules are followed
    • At least 80% of the participants are amateurs

Additional requirements for off-site events

  • You must notify us in writing of the location, date, and time of an off-site event at least 14 days before the event.
  • The school is responsible for adhering to ring and safety zone requirements as defined in WAC 36-13-030.

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