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Training requirements: Bail bond recovery agents

All applicants for a bail bond recovery agent license or endorsement must take the following training before applying:

Civil or criminal law

This training may be achieved through public or private instruction or self-study and must include the following topics

  • State statutes relating to bail regulations
  • Constitutional law
  • Procedures for surrendering defendants into custody
  • Procedures for exoneration
  • Civil liability
  • Civil rights of persons who are detained in custody
  • Basic principles of identifying and locating defendants to include public records and confidentially, and surveillance
  • Contracts
  • Powers of a bail bond recovery agent. See Exams for a complete study guide referencing the appropriate civil and criminal laws.

Procedures for field operations

This training can be achieved through public or private instruction and must include the following training and certifications:

  • Training in use of force and degrees of force, including verbal
  • Safety techniques
  • Entering and searching buildings
  • The custody and transportation of prisoners including persons who are violent, emotionally disturbed or under the influence of alcohol, or drugs
  • Defensive tactics
  • Application of restraints/handcuffing procedures;
  • All applicants shall obtain firearm training from an approved trainer, or applicants intending to carry a firearm as a bail bond recovery agent shall obtain and keep current firearm certification from the criminal justice training commission.


In place of training in procedures for field operations, you may submit proof you have completed a training within the past 6 years that is required by a municipal, state, or federal law enforcement agency or a branch of the armed forces to carry out the duties of a peace officer.


You must provide proof of training certification for each of these tools:

  • Taser X/M26
  • Baton – either expandable, straight stick, or side handle
  • Oleo capsicum resin sprays or foams rated at 100,000 to 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units

Note: You can find trainers and instructors by searching the internet. We recommend you verify their credentials before using their services.


All applicants must take firearms training from a Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) firearms training instructor and be certified through CJTC.

  • If you intend to carry a firearm while on the job as a bail bond recovery agent, you must keep a current firearm certification from the CJTC.

Note: We aren't authorized to certify specific training facilities or trainers approved to provide any bail bond recovery agent training.

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