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Fingerprinting and background checks

Electronic fingerprinting

If you aren't in Washington, you won't be able to submit electronic fingerprints. Contact the program that licenses your profession for instructions.

If you're in Washington, you'll use Idemia's IdentoGO process to take and submit your fingerprints electronically at one of their many Washington locations (l1enrollment.com).

  1. Go to the IdentiGo Washington portal to schedule and pay for a fingerprint appointment online.
    • When setting up your appointment, don't select Pay for Ink Card Submission (this is for out-of-state applicants only).
    • If your employer is paying for your electronic fingerprinting select Billing Account as the payment method and enter the billing account code given to you by your employer.
    Fingerprinting fees
    Required checks/programs Fingerprint fee Background check fee Total fees
    State & National Background Checks
    • Appraisal Management Company Controlling Person
    • Bail Bond Recovery Agent
    • CDL Third Party Examiners
    • Driver Training School Instructor/Staff/Owner
    • Real Estate Broker/Managing Broker
    • Armed professional:
      • Security Guard Company Principal
      • Security Guard
      • Private Investigative Agency Principal
      • Private Investigator
    $10.05 $34.75 $44.80
    State Background Check only
    • Unarmed professional:
      • Security Guard Company Principal
      • Security Guard
      • Private Investigative Agency Principal
      • Private Investigator
    $10.05 $20 $30.05
  2. When you arrive at your appointment, you will:
    • Provide your driver license or state-issued ID to verify the information you gave online.
    • Have your fingerprints scanned. The process should take 5-10 minutes.
  3. The scanned fingerprints will be sent electronically to Washington State Patrol (WSP).
    • If a national background check is required for your license type, WSP will forward the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  4. WSP will send the results electronically to us.

Background checks with a conviction

If your background check shows a conviction, we'll review and investigate your record on a case-by-case basis. During the review, we'll look at:

  • The type of crime
  • The level of the conviction
  • The relationship of the crime to your profession's practices
  • The length of time since the conviction occurred
  • Whether you already notified us of the conviction as required

During the review and investigation, we may ask you or other sources to provide more information about the conviction. If we decide to deny your application or proceed with a disciplinary action against your license, we’ll notify you and provide information about the process.

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