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How to renew your license: Concealed pistol license (CPL)

Things to know

  • You must renew through a law enforcement agency
  • CPLs expire every 5 years.
  • You can renew your CPL 90 days before it expires.
  • Renewal fee: $32
  • Late renewal fee (up to 90 days after expiration): $42
  • If your CPL is more than 90 days past its expiration, you must apply for a new CPL.

How to renew

Contact your local law enforcement agency (LEA) to renew your CPL. They'll give you specific renewal instructions, including:

  • Where to go.
  • What to bring.
  • Any fees.

If you've moved and no longer live in the jurisdiction that processed your CPL, contact the LEA in your new jurisdiction. They will give your CPL information to us. Don't mail a copy of your CPL to us.

If you were out of state on military orders during the renewal period

You have 90 days after returning to Washington from out‑of‑state military service to renew your CPL.

Renewal notices

We mail renewal notices to you. Notices have our logo. By law, we must keep information about CPLs issued from law enforcement. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail or by email, if we have it on file. We do not process CPL renewals.

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