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Exam: Embalmers

Required exams

To get an embalmer license, you must pass both of the following exams:

  • Washington State Laws, Rules, and Regulations Exam
  • Embalmer Sciences Exam

You won't be required to take the Embalmer Sciences section of the exam if you have passed the National Board Exam with an average score of 75% or better or have passed another state's Embalmer Sciences Exam.

Exam schedule

Exams are administered through the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards (ICFSEB). The ICFSEB will schedule you to take the exam after we approve your application and notify them you are eligible.

Learn how to get your Embalmer license.

  • When we finish reviewing your application, we'll notify the ICFSEB you are eligible to take an exam.

Retaking the exam

If you fail an exam, you may retake it after 30 days. You must pay the required fee before retaking the exam.

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