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State exam study resources: Private investigators

Exam subjects

The following subjects will be covered in the examination for Principal and/or Certified Trainers.

Washington State Law as it applies to private investigator licensing and regulations
(45% of exam)

  • RCW 18.165: Private investigators
  • WAC 308-17: Private investigative agencies and private investigators
  • WAC 308-17-300: Minimum pre-assignment training and testing requirements (includes a list of all topics contained in the private investigator pre-assignment training course)
  • RCW 9.73: Privacy, violating right of (surveillance and wiretapping)
  • RCW 42.17: Disclosure—campaign finances—lobbying—records (public disclosure)
  • RCW 9A: Washington criminal code

Other resources:

  • RCW 2: Courts of record
  • RCW 3: District courts—courts of limited jurisdictions
  • RCW 26: Domestic relations (marriage, dissolution, adoption)
  • RCW 36: Counties
  • RCW 46: Motor vehicles (accidents, forms)

Federal laws (30% of exam)

Court systems (7.5% of exam)

Federal courts:

State courts:

  • RCW 35.20: Municipal courts
  • RCW 2: Courts of record
  • RCW 3: District courts—courts of limited jurisdictions
  • RCW 4: Civil procedures
  • RCW 5: Evidence
  • RCW 6: Enforcement of judgments

Legal Procedures and Definitions (10% of exam)

Terminology and definitions:

  • RCW 9A: Washington State Criminal Code
  • RCW 2: Courts of Record
  • RCW 3: District Courts/Courts of Limited Jurisdictions
  • RCW 4: Civil Procedures
  • RCW 5: Evidence
  • RCW 6: Enforcement of Judgments
  • RCW 26: Domestic Relations (marriage, dissolution, adoption)
  • Black's Law Dictionary: Available at your local library or bookstore

Other resources of public information (7.5% of exam)

Explanation of abbreviations

  • RCW—Revised Code of Washington (Washington State laws)
  • WAC—Washington Administrative Code (Washington State agency regulations)
  • USC—United States Code (federal laws)
  • CFR—Code of Federal Regulations (federal agency regulations)

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