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Preassignment training study guide: Security guards

Preassignment training must include the following areas of required knowledge:

Basic principles

  1. Basic role of the security guard.
  2. Washington State licensing laws.
  3. Observation.
  4. Proper actions, reactions, ethics and diversity.
  5. Homeland Security – Terrorism and Surveillance.


Legal powers and limitations

  1. Citizen arrest.
  2. Authority to detain, question, or search a private citizen.
  3. Authority to search or seize private property.
  4. Use of force.
  5. Building relationships with law enforcement.
  6. Avoiding liability


Emergency Response

  1. How to define what is or is not an emergency situation.
  2. Response to fires.
  3. Response to medical emergencies.
  4. Response to criminal acts.
  5. Bomb threats.


Safety and accident prevention

  1. Hazardous materials including MSDS.
  2. Accident reporting.


Report writing. It's a legal document

  1. Elements and characteristics of a report.


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