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What's new: Vehicle transport and disposal

SSB 5652: Clarifying personal belonging disposal for impounded vehicles

What’s happening?

  • Registered vehicle owners or their agents may request storage (for up to 30 days) of personal belongings in their vehicles that have been impounded by registered tow truck operators.
  • Registered owners or their agents must make the request in person and sign and date an Impounded Vehicle Personal Belongings Storage Request form.
  • The request must be made within 20 days following the date of impoundment.
  • Effective date: Sunday, July 28, 2019.
Tow truck license plate with new tabs

Placement of new indicator tabs

SHB 2612: Tow truck operators indicator tabs

What’s happening?

  • Registered tow truck operators have the option of choosing an indicator tab for their additional license types such as transporter, hulk hauler, wrecker etc., in lieu of the full size plate.
  • At renewal or initial application time, simply indicate how many indicator tabs you would like for each specific license type. Plates may still be purchased for those additional license types if you wish. The fee for the indicator tabs and the license plates are the same and are renewed yearly.
  • Indicator tabs are applied to the plate that is permanently affixed to the tow truck. Place indicator tabs on the top of the vehicle license plate above the plate number on the rear plate only.
  • Effective date: Monday, June 3, 2019.

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