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How to get your license: Vehicle manufacturers

The applicant/licensee must comply with all applicable laws and rules, even if not covered below.

Who needs a license?

Any business that:

  • Manufactures or assembles new vehicles
  • Re–manufactures used vehicles for transfer to dealerships in Washington for resale
  • Is a vehicle factory branch, representative, or distributor

How to apply

Note: We issue this license, but it's processed by the Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service (BLS). BLS prints it on the business license they provide. They refer to licenses issued by us as endorsements to the business license.

Apply online with the Department of Revenue

What you'll need

  • Supporting documents shown below, ready for upload.
  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit/debit card (transaction fee charged) or bank account information for E–check to pay:

Want to apply by mail?

  1. Complete or get the following:
  2. Mail the completed forms and supporting documents with a check/money order payable to the Department of Revenue for the BLS fees and the vehicle manufacturer license and plate fees to:
    State of Washington
    Business Licensing Service
    PO Box 9034
    Olympia, WA 98507–9034

Supporting documents for your application

If you produce manufactured homes or travel trailers, a Vehicle, Vessel, Vehicle Manufacturer, Registered Tow Truck Operator, or Wrecker Business Bond or form from the bonding company in the appropriate amount:

  • $40,000 if you manufacture only manufactured homes.
  • $20,000 if you manufacture only travel trailers, including 5th–wheel trailers.
  • No bond is required if you manufacture only other types of vehicles (for example, cars, trucks, or motorcycles).
    • Bonds are available through insurance companies.
    • The principal name must be exactly the same as both the business owner and business firm name.
    • Bond must be signed by the applicant and the attorney–in–fact for the bonding company.

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